Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dancing Bears Chapter 2: Details, details...

I fell a bit behind on the blog postings due to the fact that this project was slated for completion and installation prior to Christmas day. There were so many intricate details to create, sculpt and paint and we were working around-the-clock to make sure we could finish by the projected due date. Here is a smorgasbord of photos showcasing all of the amazing details we created for this art piece. These final additions really made the entire piece come to life, though extremely time consuming, they were so enjoyable to work on because they really are the  icing on the cake! Stay tuned for the installation and photos of the final installed product. Happy New Year!
Sculpting vintage skis and poles
Gold leafing the header sign
Sculpting the columbine with temporary supports

Detailing snowshoe hare

Bonnie sculpting eagle
Chipmunk  fattening up for winter

The painting and glazing stage

Finished, ready for mounting

Sly fox sneaking around

Prosit! Let's dance

1 comment:

  1. Roger! Bonnie! This looks great! Well done, can't wait to see the final product up on the wall.
    I really like the skies and poles! LOL
    I have two questions...
    In the first photo are you working with magic sculpt? It looks black....does it come that way or did you mix something into it to make it black?
    How did you make the wine glasses with the wine in them?