Friday, December 9, 2011

Dancing Bears Chapter 2

The Dancing Bears art piece has been progressing with a lot of artistic attention and is getting more and more unique by the day. All of the sculpted pieces are now receiving base coats of primer and acrylic paints. The aspen trees are adorned with over 500 hand-formed leaves, which are now getting painted in shades of green, yellow and orange. All of the foreground is completed with sculpted grass and moss rock, and has completely transformed the art piece. This serves as a base from which the art piece grows out of, so it was important to get this detail just right. A few stray yellow leaves cover the ground and serve as a reminder to the dancing bears that autumn has arrived. This is an excuse to uncork a bottle of wine and do a snow-dance, because these bears are die-hard skiers. The next phase of sculpting will include vintage skis and snowshoes, a happy chipmunk, eagle in flight, a fox peeking out from the grasses and many more surprises. In the mean time Bonnie and crew will continue with the beautiful pictorial painting and detailing of the stone, trees, ground and so forth. The Dancing Bears header sign has been gilded with genuine 23k gold leaf, applied by hand, leaf by leaf. The lettering inside the ribbon will get the same technique after the burgundy color glazes have been completed. Work on this unique project continues to challenge and stimulate our artistic souls every day, and has left us feeling the need to dance with wine glasses in hand!

More soon... Roger Cox -

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