Friday, January 13, 2012

Dancing Bears sighted in Snowmass Colorado

This wonderful project came to a close with the delivery and installation on Christmas Eve day. The nearlly three hour journey hauling a covered trailer containing the finished artpiece went like clock-work. My clients were spending the holidays in their new home and even assited with the tricky installation process. I say "tricky" because It took a minimum of five persons to move and lift this artpiece into place, and it was extremely top-heavy since the aspen trees were over 7' tall. Steel mounting brackets were attached to the wall which held the brunt of the wieght, and long screws were also used to tie the piece into the wood siding.

The finished piece looks remarkable in its permanent home, and my clients we so pleased with the final outcome. They rewarded all four of us with a delectable bottle of Cabernet from their Tin Barn Winery. Best of all, they had their long awaited art piece in place, to enjoy for the Christmas holidays, and for many years to come!

Home at last

Posing with my happy clients

Installation progress

Ready for transport

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  1. INCREDIBLE!!!!! I love it! Roger! Bonnie! You two and your crew must be incredibly happy with it. Well done!